Our partners met for the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Palermo at the CEIPES office.

The consortium has finally started the 3D modeling process into the Intellectual Output 2.

Thanks to CEIPES and CETEM technical knowledge on the Addition Manufacturing, the whole consortium is developing 15 exercises and they will be 3D printed. So, during the TPM, there was the opportunity to present the status of the exercises. Many of them are already printed and ready for the test phase. The other exercises will be ready in the coming weeks. Moreover, BETI presented the web platform that will contain all the necessary files for those who want to print the exercises in 3D. It will be used as a repository for all content covering the 15 exercises. In addition, within the platform, there is a network in the field of 3D printing and caregivers. There are contacts in the 4 countries of the consortium: Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

After that, ABA – Bulgarian Alzheimer’s Association will test, together with the help of the consortium, the 15 exercises with caregivers or family members of the person with Alzheimer. Also, to have a final result a methodology, that through the cases tested with the exercises, will be available for those who want to approach the innovative technology with 3D printing as a new way to exercise different needs of an elderly people.

During the meeting, the whole participants to the meeting had the opportunity to discover the Additive Manufacturing world from the sketch to how to set a 3D printer. It was a great experience for the ones that never had this kind of opportunity. The second day of the meeting was focused on the financial and dissemination part of the project.

Keep following us for the next updates of the project and to discover the 15 exercises will be in the web platform.

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